June Spreads

To kick this blog off, I thought it would be nice to introduce my Journal to the readers.

So Journal, be a Sweetie and say hi to the readers.


So this is a purple Leuchtturm 1917 with dot grit paper. I love it very much. And maybe I will write a hymn about it one day, but for now, I believe you are all more interested about the inside.

The bone structure of my Bullet Journal are my weekly spreads. They differ a lot from the regular layout everyone else is using. Let’s take a look at my latest Spreads in June and you will see what I mean.

IMG_2333I am not going day by day, but part my journal into the following sections: dates, my currently read books, personal notes, best of the week, work and a picture doodle of a flower to remind me to water mine. Going day by day is just not my way. I believe I am too messy for this. I also can’t handle to-do lists. So what I have is free space, where I can just drop whatever is on my mind.

Recently I got comfortable enough to start using themes for my weekly spreads.  My best decision was to invest 80€ into a color printer. If you are thinking about doing themed spreads, I definitly recommend getting one. It’s so much fun, and it’s a really easy way to be creative.IMG_2327

For the first week of June the theme was „Ocean“. This was one of the themes that wasn’t planned out, but rather just got put together, I saw some pictures on pinterest and started from there. It’s my favourite spread till now, because it just fits together nicely.


After that it was time for stars and signs. I prepared for this a lot. I bought the paper, collected a lot of pictures and bought special washi tape. I love that page but it probably was overdone. I had holidays around this time and didn’t need to write down notes for work. Lucky me, i could all go out on this.

IMG_2345Next was Pirates. I just love pirates, who doesn’t love pirates? I am so proud I didn’t add anything from Pirates of the Carribean so I can make a theme about this some other time. I discovered that I am able to use watercolor with my Journal and directly added the ship, which i copied and then watercolored.

IMG_2344I didn’t have any brown paper at home (big mistake, always have brown paper at home!), so I used a coffee filter. I tested my pens beforehand, and everything was fine. But when I had glued it in and started to write it still blurred. But you know, who cares. Pirates!

Also say hello to my kindle. I am a huge E-book fan.

And lastly we have this weeks spread. I actually wanted to do a theme about sea life, unfortunately I really wasn’t in the mood. But I wanted to have consistency, so what else would fit to ocean, pirates, star’s and signs? I came up with Clouds.

IMG_2350And guess what, it’s totally fitting the week. the heat is gone and it’s going to be rainy, so basically the spread totally captured the mood of summer rain, haha!

There were a lot of mistakes to get rid of, starting with a smudging fountain pain to a picture ruined by tea. It’s not my favourite spread, but I like some of the details, like the rainbow and the doodles of clouds.IMG_2357

So for a start it’s enough, I guess. I hope you got to know my journal and style a little better and you got all inspired.

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