Dear Reading Slump

You suck.

How about you go and terrorize other people? Why do you even exist? No one needs you!
You know how hard it is to go online, browse through all that social media and see these beautiful book covers everywhere? Reading reviews from people who freak out about the last book they read? My TBR List is piling up. I wanna join those people and freak out together with them.
You see, my time is precious. Even within this lifetime I don’t believe I will manage to read all the books that need to be read. You just make it worse and you aren’t even compensating me.
I mean I tried everything to get rid of you:

  • Not reading and just accepting that you are there
  • Rereading
  • Getting out of my comfort zone and reading different genres
  • Trying out different mediums; book, audiobook and ebook
  • Forcing me to read
  • Beginning different Books

And you are not moving an inch.
If you would at least announce how long you are gonna stay over, so I can schedule my time accordingly and do different things in the meantime, knowing after that period is over I can jump right back into my Bookverse. But no, you are just getting comfortable, aren’t you!?

Three weeks is a really long time for a book lover. I mean it’s summer I should get a blanket, my kindle and head out, and enjoy my book outside. You are ruining my beautiful summer experience.


But be sure, I am not done yet. I will kick your ass and throw you out. I still haven’t figured out how, but I will not give up. I will try every possible method until you are gone and I can enjoy all my books again.


pissed off me

P.S. I also cannot draw, but i think that was the most appropiate way to reference you to others. It’s awesome if you look ugly.


3 Kommentare zu „Dear Reading Slump

  1. Hope you can solve this problem! I actually went through this years ago. The way I solved it was pretty simple, yet not for everyone. I just consumed myself into video games, to the point where I felt like I was playing automatically. I felt my brain lacking brain power. Then I went back to reading. Because my imagination was open again 😛


    1. haha, I watched a lot of Kdramas last year and just tried to hold out, but this year I got too many books to read to just wait diligently. So I thought addressing the problem might help. Thank you for your suggestion, If nothing will help I may infuse myself with videogames, too

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