„I’m not creative enough for Bullet Journaling.“

That’s the one statment that makes me equally sad and angry. Just to get that into your head:

You are a human being

You can hold a Pen

Therefore you can be creative.

In what world do we live that people believe they need to be the next picasso to be creative.

But there are still people there, who give this as a reason for not starting a BuJo

I believe the problem lies more with being intimidated by all those great spreads that are on the Internet.

In the beginning you do not need to have these beautiful spreads. You will start with figuring out how you can best work with your journal. Also do not believe we all started with beautiful journals. Here let me show you my first and one of my latest spreads.



Looks different, does it not? Bullet Journaling is like all the stuff we do, a process, a learning experience. You can not sit in front of a piano and play, you can not sit down and draw a perfect portray, you can not sit in a car and immediately drive, but you can learn it over time. But you will never get there if you won’t start.

Also I think it’s a misconception to believe your journal needs to be a piece of art. Your Journal needs to be a tool that will help you with your everyday life. If you have time to be artsy, if you want to be artsy, yes go on, but it’s not a requirement for starting Bullet Journaling. To cite Buzzfeed :

Your bullet journal is for you — not for Pinterest or Instagram or even your IRL friends. The spreads we created for this post are *literally* not real: They are examples, created in a journal we bought just for this, meant to look nice and photograph well because that is our job (and because people will yell at us if the handwriting is bad)

So a lot of spreads you see are done by bloggers, who earn money with it, or do this for a long time, so they got good at it.

Beside there are tons of different styles of bullet journaling, there are the quirky – all over the place – messy ones

The everything-is-neat-and-tidy ones

and the minimalists

(Pictures taken from kerrystudies, wendystudies and studyy-bells @ tumblr)

And none of them is more or less creative than the other.

So for all the perfectionists who are afraid of mistakes. Use erasable pens! Pencils are great, and cheap, everyone should have a pencil. And always penicl first, than black ink pens. You can do nothing wrong with this. You messed up a page? Glue something over, glue the page together, ignore it and go on with your life. You will make lesser mistakes the longer you journal. And maybe you need to ask yourself, why you cannot work with a journal anymore that has a messed up page. So what. You made a mistake, life is beautiful because of it. You learned something, be happy.

So what can you do, if you think your handwriting sucks and you are bad at drawing

1. Print stuff out. Get yourself a nice swirly font, write your header in Word and print it, there are whole spreads you can print out. Also pictures, pictures are awesome, just print them and put them in your Bullet Journal

2. Start collecting pictures. Magazines, newspaper, gift wrapping paper, even tissue paper can be glued into your journal, and will make everything nice.

3. Washi tape. Do I need to explain? Whashi tape is great, get one, use it and you will see why.

4. Copy stuff. Get yourself thin paper and copy through the page. With the Leuchturm you can do it directly through the page of the book. Awesome, looks as if you can draw well

5. Stickers and post-it notes. My favourite thing ever.

6. Train you handwriting and handlettering. While you already are doing a Bullet Journal make yourself an extra page and train your handwriting. Make it even, change letters you don’t like. You will get better over time. Also Handlettering is easy peasy to fake. Look up pinterest and youtube.

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