What Bullet Journal Type are you?

We all love to decorate our journals. And as with everything else in life people have different styles. A style developes over time and is never immutable. It shows the process of you and mirrors how you felt around a certain period of time.  Some people even jump in-between their styles or mix them together. But on my journey to find my own style, I was able to identify 4 basic style patterns.

Neat, orderly and tidy

The neat, orderly and tidy never leave anything to chance. They got it all sorted out in the beginning. Everything is well organized, not only in their journal but also in their life. They set their dates in advance and plan ahead for the month. Lines need to be straight, doodles need to be tidy. The handwriting looks even and straight. They hate mistakes and do everything to prevent them. Themes and colors need to fit together. They love to add motivational quotes and influence the mood with some asthetique pictures. Deep down in their heart, they are hipsters 4 life.


Supplies: Fineliners, rulers, pencils and sticky notes are their prized processions. They are okay with colors as long as it fits together.

Cutness overload

Actually, they are a Subcategory for the neat, orderly and tidy, but have certain traits, that still identify them as their own group. They love pink. In all the various shades that are available. Washi tape, flowers, pictures are added in their journals. I also got the distinct impression, that you need to be a fan of korean pop culture to be part of that group, hence they love their asian stationary. Beside being cute, they also go sometimes for dreamy and romantic, because that works perfectly well with pink, too. If they feel really bold, they dare to switch to pastel blue or pastel yellow, but only for a month before they switch back so some shade of pink.


Supplies: Japanese stickers, pink and rose brush pens, actually pink and rose everything, polaroid photos.

All over the place and messy

They are the Artists within the Bullet Journal community. In reality, these people are eccentrics. Straight lines? They ignore them. White Space? Needs to be filled. Handwriting? If a normal person can’t decipher it, they did well. These people normally do not do planners. Bullet Journal only works for them, because they have a place to express themselves and with it, they finally gain some control over their life. They invest hours in their bullet journal, although it doesn’t look like it. Most of the time though, they don’t understand what they are doing, so don’t try to figure them out.


Supplies: Everything. Everything that can be glued in, will be glued in. Every pen, stamp or brush is an invitation for a challenge. Either you are a badass imaginative collector or the supplies cost you a fortune and you are always out of pocket money.


This is the group that everyone envys. We want our spreads to be like theirs. We all start out as minimalists, because we do not have a real choice. We don’t have all our supplies or we first want to concentrate on the content before we care about the style. But at some point, we split, and there is this small group who stay minimalists and bring this art to perfection. The orderly and tidy drool over their perfect handwriting (their serifs, man), the messy envy their creative simplicity (why didn’t I come up with this). The minimalists are the mathjunkies in a sea full of linguists. Sometimes we think they are wizards and this level of perfection doesn’t even exist.


Supplies: Black (fine-tipped) pen.

Did you find yourself? Which type are you? Or are you a mix of something inbetween? And do you think there are even more styles out there?


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