Monthly Theme Dreams

It’s show off your Bullet Journal time! Yaaaaaay~

In the beginning I didn’t have a clear theme this month. I started with something tropical that I didn’t want to keep up with. I just knew that i would keep the colors, which where red/purple/pink with some green as contrast


So when I think about red, the first thing that comes to my mind, is that in China it’s the color for luck. Et voilá, here is my chinese inspired page. I named it „Chinese Dream“. I loved it a lot, the dragon was horrible to cut out (you have no idea). But then some stupid woman came and splashed water all over it -.-

So my Journal got soaked, which was a horrible experience. Some pages could be saved, others, not so much


That was definitley the worst page (also one of my favourites). I couldn’t get over V.E. Schwabs ‚Our Dark Duet‘, so i made a quote page. Sadly that page got the most damage.

But things happen, and my friend commented on this: Your notebook is something like a life book, isn’t it? So take it as a life experience, you cannot control everything, take it and go on.“ I loved that.

So the next week I needed to think about a theme that I could use for the rest of the month which would go well with the previous spread. I decided to pick up the word ‚dream‘ and use sleep and dream as a theme for the whole month. So what helps you to get to bed if you can’t sleep? Lavender, right, here you go:


I need to brag, this is my favourite weekly spread of this month. It’s awesome, so have some more pictures


Yeah, i know it’s beautiful. Especially the color combination.

The next week was kinda weird, but it was clear that at some point my fandom love would surface anyway. So next weeks spread was Final Fantasy XV.


If you played the game you may now, that a lot of it centers around sleep. Noctis city for example is called Insomnia, and he also travels through dreams back in time. So that fit perfectly.


Ever tried to make a pink/purple Final Fantasy spread? Probably not, but I can tell you, it’s hard. Also the font is horrible to copy. I did my best, but I’m not entirely happy with it.

For the last week I decided on a dream catcher spread.

IMG_2749 I tried to seperate the page into dreams and nightmares, starting off with black and white for nightmares and with the dream catcher as a divider for the colorful dream side. The quote is from Laini Taylors „Strange the dreamer“


And as a goody I have another quote page for you.

IMG_2945I needed to try out my new Tombows (for which i spend entirely too much money). The quote is from the K-drama ‚My love from another star‘ from Cheon Song Yi. I love it a lot.

I hope you may find some inspiration.

2 Kommentare zu „Monthly Theme Dreams

    1. I totally didn’t get a notification for that comment. Thank you so much, it makes me always so happe when people like my spreads. I hope you tell me to check out your spreads when you started. I just love seeing other people spreads. Also if you need help with anything let me now ^^


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