#theReadingQuest Challenge

an overly ambitious TBR was just not enough for me, no I also need to take part in #theReadingQuest Challenge.

Seriously though, guys, it’s me: it’s videogames + books = me

Remember that?  IMG_2934See, how could I not join.

So a short introduction for all those who happen to stumble over my blog and have no idea what I am talking about (#as if). Aentee from Reading at Midnight is organizing this wonderful Challenge, where we can embark upon our Journey to slay monsters… oh wait… read about people embarking on adventures to slay monsters, tell magical tales or thief their way through life. You can find all the information on how this works in the link, so check that out. The awesome artwork for this quest was created by CW of Read, Think, Ponder.

The Challenge takes place from the 13th of August to the 10th of September. I choose the way of a knight, and try to combine my TBR with the reading challenge.


The Path of the Knight

A book that has a TV/Movie adaption: Leviathan wakes 561p  10 EXP  56 HP

A book with a red cover: Bloodline (Star Wars) 332p  10 EXP 33 HP

A book with a weapon on its cover:  The Beauty of Darkness 1128 min 10 EXP 56 HP

A book with a verb in its title:  The Hate U Give * 700 min 20 EXP 35 HP

The first book of a series: Prince of fools 355p 10 EXP 35 HP

+ 50 EXP

Path of the Mage

A book set in a different World: The Midnight Sea 326p 10 EXP 32 HP

A book based on mythology:  Throne of the Crescent Moon * 274p

A book that contains magic: The Demon King 506p read till page 212 = 21 HP

A book with a one word title:  Trickery 498 min.  EXP 10 24 HP


Path of the Rogue

A book published by a small press: TBA

A book with >500 Ratings on goodreads: Monprinzessin (happy german books) 252p

A book cover with a partially obscured face: Burial Rites 314p

A banned book: 1984 328p



Sidequest Time Warp: The Twentieth Wife * 380p

Sidequest RespawnThe Heart of Betrayal 825 min 10 EXP 41 HP

Open World:  The Jungle Book 320 min 10 EXP 16 HP

18 Social Media Posts = 18 HP


So I have no clue how I did it, but I managed to get the whole TBR into the challenges and I totally cannot wait to start this. Leave a comment with your twitter account or any other information where I can find you, if you are also participating.

I will also go and create a Bullet Journal entry, because that is just so perfect.

(I am also still searching for a Buddy Read. There is an August Fairyloot Box coming, maybe that would be a nice option)





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