Monthly Theme Tribal & Line Art

August is coming to an end which means it’s time for the monthly Bullet Journal Flipthrough.

I was really active in my Journal this month and had lots of fun creating all these spreads. Since I had holidays I had more space than usually and could go all out on drawing.

My theme this month was to capture my summer feelings. For me Summer means always faded photographs, naked skin and lots of brown and yellow colors. It was the purpose of the title page to ring in the basic mood of the month


Followed by my monthly overview and my training spread, which were not utilized much this month. IMG_3648

I was very tired in the beginning of the month. I tried to do something, but I couldn’t so i slept and read and just tried to refill my battery again. Last week i finally woke up from the dead and did lots of fun stuff again.

The First week I used poppies as a theme. This was planned for a long time.


I am a huge fan of ‚the Bone Season‘ by Samantha Shannon (omg her new newsletter is so awesome) and this page is dedicated to Paige. I got inspired by this post for the spread.

Next week is called Golden Week. It’s one of my favourites of the month. I just love the drawing


It’s lively and full of summer feelings. I tried to capture cornfields and nature. I am not sure if it worked, but for me it conveys the monthly theme the very best.

I live in a really old city, which is the most beautiful in summer. I tried to capture that in the next spread titled ‚Home‘.


Drawing the City was a pain in the ass, and I nearly gave up if I didn’t get some motivation from a friend. The pictures were taken by me. I went to my favourite places in the city, so I always have them with me from now on (at least till the Journal is full… XD)

The next spread nearly didn’t happen because I thought I didn’t feel like it and I would just reuse the ‚Home‘ Spread, but in the middle of sunday night i got inspired


The theme for that week was Sunset. We had beautiful sunsets the week before and i just wanted to capture the light, and sunset photographs are just plain awesome (it’s also my first mason jar doodle haha)

For the first time i added a litle mon – sun calender plan, which became really helpful for the holidays, because it helped me to keep up a daily structure. And the quote is from Renee Ahdieh’s ‚the Wrath & the Dawn‘

And the last weekly spread highlights the shift from summer to autumn. I just simply named it ‚Mountain Fox‘.


I had horrible mountain withdrawal symptoms and wanted to have a fox, because everyone else did foxes, but I didn’t want to use it for the whole september theme. So here we have geometrical fox animal which still fits totally nicely for the August tattooish theme.

I also went to the mountains that week, which led to this picture


And lastly i have some cute little goody spreads

I added some poems because I went through my tumblr and was  like THIS NEEDS TO BE IN MY JOURNAL

Alone is from Edgar E. Poe and for the other I don’t have any reference (if you happen to be the owner or know the owner, please leave a comment so I can add credit)

And I also made a spread for #theReadingQuest in which I am still currently participating and having a lot of fun with


(I went Book shopping and got new books, they are awesome and beautiful and awww books, for this picture I only used Peter Pan though)

That’s basically it, I made some more spreads you can find them either on the Bullet Journal Amino app or on my Instagram account. All the pictures I used that I didn’t take on my own can be found on my pinterest board.

If you have anymore questions about Bullet Journaling, just leave a comment or get in contact through twitter or mail, I love to help out, especially if you want to get started.

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