My take on „How to start a Bullet Journal“

I believe that there are plenty enough ressources on how to start a Bullet Journal, so I will summarize all those helpful pages I like and guide you there, because why create something if it’s already there.

The original Bullet Journal System was created by Ryder Caroll and you can learn all about it at I have heard of a lot of people who watch the video every month, before they set up their new monthly spread to keep focus on the most important basics.

My „all time favourite, I recommend this for everyone who wants to start a journal“ website is a blog post from Buzzfeed beautifully titled „WTF is a Bullet Journal and why should you start one? An Explainer“. Before I read this post, I would have probably been scared to death to start a Journal and to make mistakes. But after I read the buzzfeed article it made click and I understood that a Bullet Journal is all about yourself and if I started one, I would do this only for me.

The next awesome thing I can recommend is to download the Amino app and join Bullet Journal Amino (or you just go with the standalone version). I recommend this place over all other social media places out of several reasons: It is a friendly community with lots of beginners. It is not about likes, it is about setting up a journal and get you started, you don’t have to worry about gaining followers, you can just do your own thing. There is ALWAYS someone online whom you can ask, if you need help. And other users LOVE to help. Also it is only about Bullet Journaling.

The next place you should check is pinterest. Create an account, set up a board for Journaling Ideas, type „Bullet Journal“  in the search button, and search till you drop. There is so much inspiration. Copying is allowed and recommended, especially in the beginning. You will find lists for collection pages, ideas for monthly or weekly spreads and other great ressources for beginners. Also, you will need pinterest again and again. So why not start directly in the beginning.

Another great ressource is littlecoffeefox. Just click through the blog and enjoy. Because of her I started to use watercolors in my Journal of which I was scared to death. But watercolors are awesome and it works in a Journal. So, the blog is definitely a great place for reviews and new ideas.

And lastly let’s not forget our Youtubers. There are some general youtubers you basically can’t miss because they are kind of stars in the Bullet Journal community and everyone talks about and knows them. They are: makoccino, amandarachlee, boho berry, mylifeinabullet and Ann Le. Aside from these pretty prominent journalers, I do have some other Bullet Journalists that I like pretty much and I want to recommend: Cheyenne Barton, Megan Rhiannon, studywithinspo, sundaymornings and the boosted journal. You can also just go to youtube and type in ‚How to start a Bullet Journal‘ and you are good to go. I did this in the beginning. But if you ask me where I get my inspiration for my spreads. here they are.

And that’s it, with all of this you can start your own Journal. It requires a bit of research in the beginning, yes, but I mean, you want to start a new hobby, and you just have to click links. It cannot get easier as that.

And now my short advice for Beginners:

  • Before you start a Bullet Journal decide what you want to achieve with it and always remember it. If you want to be more productive, you don’t need a fancy journal. If you want to get better at art, it’s fine if you take three hours for a spread, if you want to get more healthy, trackers need to be a priority, if you want to be better in school, add studynotes. A journal changes greatly depending on how you use it, so get clear on this first.
  • Do not start an Instagram or tumblr account in the beginning. It is depressing. Do not do this. Start your journal, get confident with it, and create your own style, then you can think about starting an account. Also, do not start a Journal just for creating an account. Do this for yourself to get shit done (which you will. It’s still awesome and fascinating that it works, I know)
  • Your Journal will probably look bad in the beginning, that’s normal, not bad. It takes time until you have created your own style and worked everything out. Mistakes happen, but you will get better at it, the longer you do it. If you still feel bad about it, read this
  • Your Bullet Journal also doesn’t have to look fancy, it needs to work, that should be your top priority in the beginning. Get used to it, make it part of your everyday life, ENJOY doing it.
  • There is a lot to set up in the beginning, don’t worry, it will get less.
  • No, you don’t have to do XYZ! This is your journal, it needs to work for you, do whatever you want with it. There is no right or wrong.
  • For your first try use a cheap notebook. You don’t need fancy supplies, you need a pen and a cheap notebook. It doesn’t matter if it’s grid, dot, lined, blue blank, flowery pink. EVERY notebook works. You also don’t need Tombows, Zebra Mildliners or fancy stickers, just use what you have. AFTER you have worked out your journal and how you are going to use it, you can invest into a Leuchtturm and make it perfect and you will also know what kind of spreads you need and what will work for which will lead to lesser mistakes.

I hope this was a short introduction and you are now all set up for your own  Bullet Journal journey.

4 Kommentare zu „My take on „How to start a Bullet Journal“

  1. Hi,

    thank you for that post! With all the very fancy accounts on BuJo-stuff and so on one can get really depressed very soon. I am more the mininalistic journaler. It took its time to find out, whar works good for myself and my style of planning.
    Your tipps are really helpful for beginners. I really would like to link your article in my blogpost on my BuJo-Journey, if that is okay for you? You gave such a precise summary of all the thoughts of a beginner, seeing the fancy BuJos.

    All the Best

    Gefällt 1 Person

    1. Hi, awwww vielen Dank für das Lob 💕 Natürlich kannst du mich gerne verlinken.
      Ich glaube das ist ganz normal das es Zeit braucht, bis man weiß, wie es funktioniert. Bei mir waren es glaube ich drei Monate. Minimalistische Journals sind super, ich kann das nur nicht 😅 ich fange immer an mit dem Gedanken “Ey, diesmal, diesmal mach ich ein einfaches, schnelles Spread“ und dann eskaliert es und ich sitze doch wieder zwei Stunden dran 😂
      Ich bin immer neidisch auf Menschen die klare, übersichtliche Spreads machen. Aber das ist das schöne, jeder kann da seinen eigenen Stil folgen 😊

      Gefällt 1 Person

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