Nomination for the Liebster Award – I feel honored

Last week, I got nominated for the Liebster Award by the wonderful Caroline from Carolineontheglobe. There she shares super lovely entries about everything life, places she discovered and helpful tips to survive bad weather 😉 (she lives in London, she sure knows something about that). Definitely check out her Blog, her posts are lovely and engaging.

The Liebster Award serves to help share and discover blogs, that are new and rather unknown. It’s a way to get involved with your blogging family, create new relations and get to know each other a little better. You can find the official rules here.

My Favourite Blog

As part of the Liebster Award you are asked to introduce your favorite blog, and I chose the Booksmugglers by Ana & Thea. The decision was hard, but what makes the Booksmugglers special in comparison to other blogs, is that they got me into blogging. I searched for a new way to discover books, because the recommendations from goodreads may deliver in quantity but never in quality. It was pure coincidence, I guess, that I found the link to the blog through google.

I believe that the book smugglers are already prominent in the book blogging world. Not only did they get nominated for a Hugo award, Ana also blogs for Kirkus Reviews. They are a driving force in supporting diverse Authors in YA Fiction and they are successful with it. They managed to publish Short Stories several years in a row. Still, they love books and Book Reviews are their backbone. I discovered several books through their blog, I never would have heard of otherwise, like the Traitor Baru Commorant. They both are impressive ladies, and if you are interested in Fantasy/ Sci-Fi books check out the blog

10 Facts about Me

This is probably the most boring part, because I am a boring person. At least I tried to come up with good facts.

  1. I play piano. I self-taught myself and actually made a cover I uploaded on youtube.
  2. I listen to Japanese music. Basically, ONLY Japanese music. I had a weird childhood.
  3. That’s the reason I love everything Asian. It’s still very bad.
  4. I love rainy days and weeks and months. I am a happier person, when it rains.
  5. I am vegetarian since I’ve been 13.
  6. The wall in my bedroom has a chess pattern in yellow and berry colors. It still looks awesome.
  7. It took forever to finish my bachelor degree. I needed 15 Semesters. I handed in my final paper on the last day possible. I didn’t have a Bullet Journal back then…
  8. I do not have a driver license… yet.
  9. I am running on tea. You will probably never see me drink something else… well, I mean, if you would see me. Green tea is my favorite.
  10. orquidea-flower-love-delicacy-65699My favorite flowers are Orchids. I have several at home. My oldest one is called little star, because of its star shaped flowers. I bought her when I moved out of home and since then she has been growing with me. My flowers are also an indicator if I am well. If I am not, they are not either.

5 Blogs I want to recommend

As I am still new to all the blogging, I am not yet following so many blogs (you can always leave me a message, if I should check out your blog, though. Especially if you write poetry, I think I want to follow a poetry blog, do they exist?) Anyway, I decided that I would link you to my favorite 5 blogs, here you go:

fantasy cafeKristen from Fantasy Café (everything books, following her posts forever now)


Francesca from QuiteFranklii (She is blogging about beauty and lifestyle. I love her series about toxic friendships)

bookis ml

ML from bookish.hedonist (books, but awesome classic literature, no one talks about)

cals constant

Cal from Cal’s Constant Raving Reviews (Ha, books, I think I love her, because she doesn’t like Harry Potter. That’s so against the crowd.)


Astrid from IM LaBYRINTH (Everything University and Archeology.  A recent discovery, it’s a German blog, but she is funny. If you understand German, check her out. I can spend hours reading her stuff, also, she likes dragons, duh!)

Caroline’s Questions

  1. What was your best travel experience?

Ahhh, Bolivia. In 2011 I discovered photos about a place with the biggest mirror in the world. Since then it had been my dream to visit the Salt Desert in Uyuni, Bolivia once in my life. I never thought it would happen so fast, but my friend made a voluntary year in Bolivia, so you can guess where I went.

  1. If you could be a president/government official and make an important decision about our planet what would you change?


Push as much money as possible into schools and abandon the selectiveness of the education system. I deeply believe that a smarter population will create a richer country. Education needs to be free for everyone and everyone should be taught and nurtured as much as they need to reach their full potential.

  1. Where would you put yourself in 20 years’ time?

Hopefully at a better place. I want to have finished my grad course, having a better job with more responsibility and owning my own place.

  1. If you could choose living in a big, busy city or quiet, beautiful suburbs what would be your choice?

Living in a big, busy city. I currently am, and I am still happy with it.

  1. How would you spend $10.000 won in the lottery?

Save most of it, and spend some on my hobbies like hiking equipment.

  1. Are you a cat person or a dog person?

A dog person, although I am allergic to both. But if I could have a pet, it would be a dog.

  1. What is the thing you spend the most money on?

At the moment? Living costs. Okay, aside from that, probably on art supplies, because they are horrible expensive.

  1. Would you be brave enough to do parachuting?

No, never. Only if I am forced to, and my or others life are depending on it, but not of my own free will.

  1. What is your favorite thing about autumn?

Kicking leaves on the ground. That feeling is very satisfying.

  1. Being elegant or wearing comfy clothes?

Comfy clothes. I am not made for elegant.

  1. How would you travel if you could choose any way of transport (even the most unusual)?

By horse. I would love to ride through the world, I believe. It’s got a real fantasy style OR flying dragons. If we are already dreaming. Yeah, flying your own dragon would be total fun.

And lastly

My Questions

  1. What’s your biggest wish in life?
  2. Share with us your favorite childhood memory?
  3. Who is the person who influenced you the most?
  4. Can you remember your dreams? Can you describe them?
  5. What’s your favorite place in your house/flat?
  6. Favorite Book?
  7. And a book you didn’t like?
  8. What do you think could be the Question to the answer of 42? (that’s real nerd shit there, I know, and I am sorry)
  9. What do you like the most about blogging?
  10. How did you come up with the idea to start a blog?
  11. What was your best blogging experience until now?



3 Kommentare zu „Nomination for the Liebster Award – I feel honored

  1. Thanks a lot! I really appreciate that you took your time to do it. Very nice answers:) Travelling on the dragon would be amazing and it really reminds me of Harry Potter. I think having a better job and owning a nice place would be a thing many people wish for ( even me :P). Fingers crossed then for both of us 🙂 You said you have a chess pattern wall and that must look so cool. I wish I could see. 🙂 Have a great week!

    Gefällt mir

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