October Flipthrough

I am back with a monthly flip through. The October theme was hands down, one of my favorite themes till now. I prepared a lot for it and only used a small amount of the things I collected. It still turned out very beautiful. Let’s dive in.

The theme of the month was rain. I am a rain lover. So, I went all out on this spread. I had collected a ton of pictures on my tumblr account over the years, and finally I could put them to good use.

As always, we have a cover:

I wanted to have the crayon effect, you always see on pinterest. and it worked out well. I just had the problem, that the watercolor ran into the binding, which smudged the next few pages.  For the left side I used the watercolor x salt technique, it gave this cloudy effect.

Next up comes the Monthly Overview

I used the same layout as before, it just works so well for me, especially my fitness tracker. The quote was a comment I got from a BuJo friend. It’s a movie quote, even though I have never seen the movie, she gave that quote at the perfect moment and I wanted to remember that. I am not so fond of the hand lettering I used for the header. I think I messed the thin upstrokes up, and the white gel pen makes it kind of cheap looking. But nothing can be perfect.

Regularly the first week is mostly in the style of the cover page and the monthly overview, because I create them all on the same day.

I didn’t really have any subthemes, like I normally do, I just went with the flow and wanted to get rid of pictures. I love the colors and the lettering on this page.

For the 2nd week I wanted to capture the rainy city mood. Rain for me often feels like a blanket, or a time where it’s okay to be sad and melancholy.

I called this one „the Evolution of Rain“. It didn’t have a real concept beside using grey colors. The colors where influenced by the Language of Thorns illustrations, I read the book on the day I created the spread. Now I can paint perfect watercolor clouds, haha.

I also added a sticky note with a quote I found within that week. I sometimes do that, if I don’t have any more space left to fill things in. I think this was my favorite spread for this month.

In the 3rd week I wanted to capture those beautiful autumn colors we had during October. It was hard to photograph, but I tried my best.

I wanted to paint leaves in a puddle, but I failed horribly. Then I came up with these cute bubbles. I did them wrong though. I wanted to use the glazing watercolor technique, but it didn’t work out like I wanted it to. After I finished I realized how it would have worked better. So, if I want to have the effect next time, I know how it works.

And in the last week, I didn’t have much time.


I just took the leftover pictures, cut them a little more fancy, did some hand lettering and I was done.

I don’t know why I am not fond of this kind of lettering. Maybe because it looks too strict and conservative. That’s just not me.

As always, I have some little bonus spreads.

On the left side, is a quote I did for one of the Amino Challenges. And on the right side, I wanted to have a spread with dinner ideas, because after work, I don’t want to spend a lot of time to wreck my head about what I want to eat. Unfortunately, I don’t use it as much. I am more of the ‘plan the day before’ – person I guess.

And lastly, I did the Handwriting Tag and made a October Reflection spread

I think my handwriting is changing, so I decided I will sample it in this Bullet Journal and maybe check it later. Simple, minimalistic and nice.

I liked the Reflection Page a lot. It’s a great way to say goodbye and look out for the next month. I want to repeat that, if possible.

That was October. I hope you liked the spreads as much as I did. November will be the last month in my current Bullet Journal, and I am already preparing the next one. I decided to film the process and do some Plan with me videos. So stay tuned for that.


3 Kommentare zu „October Flipthrough

  1. I think, your handlettering is beautiful, but I can understand – I don’t like this kind of lettering in my own BuJo, too. I like looking at it. Too fancy for me. I am more simple minded with handlettering.
    I had to google your watercolor-techniques. Wow… Actually, I didn’t know, what you can do with simple watercolors… 😉 But, as always, I like your colorful spreads and the pictures. Everything is in perfect balance. Love it! 👍

    Gefällt mir

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