Catching up Part I

Yes, I am a mess

December killed me, and the two-week holiday basically only served to finally be able to breathe again. I have some nice plans for my next blogs and stuff, but it will take some time.

For now, I will show you my November Spreads. The December Spreads and the flip through will come with the next post. Yes, you heard right – a flip through! I filled up my first Bullet Journal. Yay!

So, in December I went with a black and white theme. I could do anything with the spreads, as long as they were black and white. I came up with the idea because someone on Amino (lovely journal community, check it out) proposed to jump into the cold water and don’t use any fancy supplies but just your journal and a pen. We are always promoting it, but let’s be real, we love our fancy supplies. Fancy supplies cost a lot of money though. So, I decided, okay I can’t deny myself all the fancy supplies, but I can at least say no to color and only work with black. And I did, mostly… I really tried XD

I have real trouble with taking pictures since November because not enough lightning, but again, please bear with it


Since it was the start of November and November is the shittiest month of the year, I wanted to go with something that fit the mood. I came up with a raven and a blank tree. Because that’s all you see if you get out of the city.


I also used the raven again for the Monthly Log, because ravens are just nice. I used the Muji pens, which I regret. To get the effect I wanted I needed to work with a lot of pressure. Although nothing bled through, the pen basically carved the raven into the paper. This was no fun in retrospect. I put the Fitness tracker on the same page as the monthly Log, which was nice. I had enough space for the Monthly Log and the Fitness tracker.

Next, we have one of my all-time favorite spreads. It was my best drawing till that point in time. I was so very proud I could do this little owl. She still looks stunning and just everything was awesome with this spread.



I read the Last Namsara a week before and was blown away by that book. As I wrote before I had a Dragon phase which also continued in my Bullet Journal. I messed the dragon up, but, who cares dragons are still lovely

After that I had a problem. I needed something that would fit for the owl and ravens and the dragon. I thought I wanted to do creatures that fly, but I couldn’t come up with anything I liked. Then, I started to pester my friends. I have great friends that helped me out and gave me the idea to do a Nordic mythology theme, because that went well with dragons, ravens and owl. A friend of my send me the story of Ratatöskr. It’s a little evil squirrel (probably the evilest squirrel in any legend ever) that lives on the world tree Yggdrasil and tries to create beef between the dragon Nidhöggr and the falcon Vedrfölnir. See how fitting it is. (The tree was copied from Snake-in-the-box)



For the last spread for this month I did Odin. Also, a favorite. Something about this is just perfect. Odin is my favorite Nordic God I think. He always seemed mysterious to me. Which makes him interesting, I guess.

As always there are some Goodies. Coldrain’s new album fateless came out in October I believe. Since then I am listening to it non-stop. So there needed to be some hand lettering, haha


I also decided to put the lyrics of All Alone form UVERworld into my Journal. This was one of my favorite songs this year. And I just love the lyrics and wanted to have them with me all the time.


And let’s not forget the monthly reflection page


That’s it for now. Stay tuned for December, which I will probably post this weekend.




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