A little Info about Me and the Blog

I thought it was time to mention some things about this blog and me, that wouldn’t fit into a regular post. This may get longer according to my needs.

Where do you get your Pictures?

Either the pictures are mine from hiking trips or I use pictures from Pexels.com. Pexel offers royalty free photos for all, and is the perfect place for bloggers to get pictures from.

When do we get to see new Posts?

After doing this blog for a while now, it seems there started to be a pattern. On the first weekend of the month, I will upload my Wrap Up of the previous month and in the week afterward you will probably get my TBR (if I manage to set one up, TBR’s are a problematic thing for me).

On the 2nd weekend you will get my Bullet Journal Flipthrough of the previous month.

On the 3rd weekend you might get a post about either books or Bullet Journaling or some photos.

And the 4th weekend is free for me ❤ (No, joke, I am preparing the posts for the coming month XD)

I cannot guarantee anything, though. This blog is my hobby and I have not that much spare time. So, if I get too busy I might miss some posts.

What are your Reading Habits?

I might make a single post out of this at one point, but for now, I think this serves as direction. I read books in whatever way they come! I am interested in the story not the medium. My favorite ways to read are E-books and Audiobooks. Closely followed by Paperbacks. I -hate- hardcovers. They are heavy, and don’t bend, and expensive. You can all go crazy about them, I will not. I mean I get my fairyloot hardcovers, too. They are okay, but give me my kindle and I am a much happier person.

How do you manage to read so much?

I am not a fast reader. I manage to read 200 words per minute which is the average reading speed. Instead I take time for reading (it’s all time management anyway). I always read in the subway on my way to work. I do not watch series or movies, instead I read. It’s healthier anyway. How many pages do you think you can manage in 90 min? I listen to audiobooks. Every time before I go to bed or while I am cleaning or cooking. Just through these measures I manage, in average, two books per week.

When and why did you start Journaling?

I started in February 2017 and it was the perfect tool to make my life even better than before. I changed my life drastically in September 2016. After that I became an active person and started a lot of new hobbies plus work just exploded on me. I needed a tool to make it possible for me to track my health progress, plan my week and get better at art. The only thing that can help here, is a Bullet Journal. My first spreads were bad, but slowly, when I figured out how this all worked, I got better and better at it. Now my Bullet Journal is my steady companion through life.

I think that’s it for now. If you have any more general questions, just leave me a message somewhere and I will love to answer it.



3 Kommentare zu „A little Info about Me and the Blog

  1. Hi,
    I am the author of „The Curse of the Ancestors, with Jamie James. Herewith a summary of the book. Please would you review it in your blog.
    Kind regards
    Roy Aronson
    Jamie James, a fteen your old boy, lives in Cape Town with his mother. His parents are divorced and he has not heard from his father, a wildlife veterinarian living in Nelspruit, since he was five. Nothing at all.
    Then, suddenly, he receives an email from his father beseaching him to come to Nelspruit because “their lives are in danger.”
    Jamie makes the journey north to discover that there is African magic afoot. A curse was placed on the males of his family over two hundred years ago. His father is about to die soon, and only he, Jamie, may be able to save him.
    He meets Lexi, the wildlife vet, her sister, the beautiful Samantha, whose father, Gareth, is the ranger on Ngonyama Game Reserve. He rekindles an old friendship with Siyabelo his childhood friend and meets Kubukele, an African Sangoma, and Siyabelo’s grandfather.
    Jamie, and his friends embark on a mission to liberate his family from the curse
    Along the way they have adventures with African wildlife and all the while Jamie is immersed deeper and deeper in African mysticism, animal, and ancestral communications. He discovers that there are malevolent spirits determined to harm him and he discovers that he has mystical magical powers, and over time he learns to harness these powers to his benefit.
    Can he discover what the “symbols” are in time to release his family from the curse and to save his father and in due course himself?
    Against a backdrop of the African bush and African mysticism Jamie James races against the clock to try and save his father from a fate that is two hundred years in the making.

    Gefällt mir

  2. Hello my name is Thomas McRae and I love to mail you a copy of my short fiction novels called Pimp in the pulpit 1 & 2 it’s inspired by my family trails and tribulations but not all facts, my books is filled with drama, comedy and suspense. I guarantee you will enjoy these books and relate to them on some personal level and that is why I like to get a review from you. Pimp in the pulpit will make you laugh, cry and appreciate your own life. You can check current reviews at Amazon.com and Goodreads.com and Nikki McNamara book blog and glamadelaide.com.au owner Rod Lewis and see my interviews with Debdatta Dasgup book blog and Fiona Mcvie at authors interviews.WordPress.com and A.F Stewart owner of are you afraid of the dark blog and Eclectic Moods Blog plus Just Books Blog owner Rainne. Or listen to my online radio interviews at Artists first network radio with Tony Kay and Talk network radio with Jeff Heiser and Steve Coplon right thinking Foundation also affiliated with Talk network radio. Or go to rockawave.com enter my name Thomas McRae and see the articles about me by The Wave paper located at Far Rockaway Queens NY email me anytime thank you and GOD bless. Oh P.S check out my review plus interview with Thunder Horse Publishing courtesy of Joseph Clayton.

    Gefällt mir

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