My take on „How to start a Bullet Journal“

I believe that there are plenty enough ressources on how to start a Bullet Journal, so I will summarize all those helpful pages I like and guide you there, because why create something if it’s already there.

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the last three weeks + #theReadingQuest final results

I was so busy the last two weeks, I didn’t have much time to read or write a blog post. So with this, I also kind of Wrap Up #theReadingQuest

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Weekly Wrap Up

I read entirely too many books the last two weeks, and decided, that if I would write a monthly Wrap-Up no one would read till the end, because it’s just too long. Ain’t no one got time for this. So here are the books that I have read till now

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Books against Racism

The facist demonstration in Charlottesville leave me restless. I am still disgusted and shocked by all those pictures. I am also full of rage and an urge to do something. Here is me doing something. I will give you a present. I will give you wisdom.

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the overly ambitious TBR for August – holiday edition –

I am not kidding, I have a ridiculous TBR, normally I have around 6 books, and then I have 3 books that I can still add… if I keep to my TBR.

But this month is different, this month there is no escape. Shit gets real, and it gets read. Because these books need to be done with. So welcome to my „Finish this“ – holiday edition-

Also as a rule I need to read all of this in the exact order, I tried to balance it out, hopefully it will work.

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July Wrap-Up

July has ended, and I can write my first Wrap Up.

July was overwhelming. There was a tonshit of work, and I had to crawl out of this reading slump. I still managed to read 11 Books, or well, rather 9 Books, because the last three are an indie series, that felt more like one book.

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