Catching up Part I

Yes, I am a mess

December killed me, and the two-week holiday basically only served to finally be able to breathe again. I have some nice plans for my next blogs and stuff, but it will take some time.

For now, I will show you my November Spreads. The December Spreads and the flip through will come with the next post. Yes, you heard right – a flip through! I filled up my first Bullet Journal. Yay!

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October Flipthrough

I am back with a monthly flip through. The October theme was hands down, one of my favorite themes till now. I prepared a lot for it and only used a small amount of the things I collected. It still turned out very beautiful. Let’s dive in.

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My take on „How to start a Bullet Journal“

I believe that there are plenty enough ressources on how to start a Bullet Journal, so I will summarize all those helpful pages I like and guide you there, because why create something if it’s already there.

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What Bullet Journal Type are you?

We all love to decorate our journals. And as with everything else in life people have different styles. A style developes over time and is never immutable. It shows the process of you and mirrors how you felt around a certain period of time.  Some people even jump in-between their styles or mix them together. But on my journey to find my own style, I was able to identify 4 basic style patterns.

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